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Journey 65: The Story


It all began with just

a stitch of an idea:

take my Landmark-Age-of-65

and turn it into

a celebration.

Make an exploration of

“life begins now”.


Let it be opportunity

to live in the moment

a letting go,

nothing to prove,

no place to be,

no regrets, only

the possibilities of each moment.


Let it be a layering of experience,

an inner and outer journey,

free and easy,

like free-motion-machine-stitching.


Let it seam together

my life before 65

with my life at this moment

and forward.


Let it string together place, nature,

image, people, culture,

senses, and emotion.


Let it be a simply amazing journey

into the unknown.


And so it became Journey 65.

© 2016 Laurie Hill Gibb All Rights Reserved

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