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I approach my art in the way I live. I have been motivated by new ideas,
places, and processes. The spontaneity I observed in my 50 years of
teaching young children has been contagious. The energy, curiosity
and excitement they bring to each moment inspires me.
The process of creating fiber and mixed media art gives sail to
techniques that seem to hold infinite possibilities for expression.  Currently, the connection I feel toward all living things has motivated me to start my Earth Art series.  Marching in New York City with 400,000 people who were concerned about Climate Change set me on a path of devoting myself to bringing attention to this peril we all face.

My Art Installation, Journey 65, continues to unfold in my life and
art.  It has enlarged to a new awareness of the oneness of all living beings.  My hope is that my Earth Art will help people recognize that we must all act if we are to preserve this amazing earth.

© 2016 Laurie Hill Gibb All Rights Reserved

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