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Journey 65: The Journey Continues



Turtle, the quilted van, has been exhibited fourteen times to date. Viewers have written their own wishes, or intentions, on colorful strips of cloth and tied them onto the van piece “Wishes”. Here are some of their wishes:


✣   I wish for women: peace of mind, fearless hearts and an eye to adventure.


✣   I wish I had a car just like this car or I could keep this car.


✣   I wish for a cat.


✣   To make millions so I can give it all away. To love everyday I am blessed    to be here. To climb Mt Kilimanjaro. To jump out of an airplane.


✣   I wish our country would be concerned with the common good.


✣   I would like to have a puppy (a beagle puppy).


✣   Live my life differently.


✣   Decide to always choose happiness.


✣   I wish hope and pray that my dear Mom is happy and at peace as she quilts her way across heaven.


✣   Ride bikes.


✣   Joy and long life as a working artist.


✣   Bicycle across America unsupported.


✣   To fly.


© 2016 Laurie Hill Gibb All Rights Reserved

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